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Softgroup .Net Error Object 2.0

Softgroup .Net Error Object 2.0

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Softgroup .Net Error Object is a powerful display and reporting error handling solution for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.


Run-time errors are an expensive fact of life both during development and following the release of software to customers. Errors take time to find and time to fix. Users soon become frustrated when software fails to function as expected without adequate warning. It is extremely important that you consider carefully how your application will handle and report errors. Designing and implementing an effective error handling strategy can accelerate development and significantly reduce development and support costs.


It is essential that all errors are correctly handled by your application. However, there is more to effective error handling than just placing an error trap in every procedure and displaying a simple message box whenever an error occurs.


Implementing an effective handling strategy ensures the following:


  • Errors do not go undetected.
  • Applications do not terminate abruptly without warning or explanation.
  • Components are robust and predictable.
  • After an error, application stability is restored.
  • Error messages offer the user a meaningful description of an error.
  • Error messages advise the user of the possible impact of an error.
  • Error messages offer the user advice that may remedy a problem and avoid unnecessary support calls.
  • Error messages advise the user on how to proceed.
  • Error messages offer sufficient information for support personnel to quickly identify known problems.
  • Legitimate run-time errors are not confused with software defects.
  • Errors are logged to avoid incorrect reporting by users during support calls.
  • Error logs can be viewed and cleared easily.
  • The source code location of an error can quickly be determined.
  • The cause of an error can be determined more easily allowing defects to be corrected more easily.


Softgroup .Net Error Object provides easy error processing and implementation with


·         Easy implementation with one single .Net shared function call

·         Support for new Visual Studio Try...Catch statements (C# and VB.NET)

·         Support for classic VB Error object in On Error ... Goto statements.

·         Display of all error details included Inner Exception and Stack Trace

·         Elegant and professional display in html text

·         Full customizable dialogs display for Multilanguage support

·         Send full details throw email to your technical support or developer team.

·         Optional write error messages to event log



Prior to running Setup to install the Softgroup .Net Error Object, you must already have the .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 installed on the computer.



Softgroup .Net Error Object is provided as single setup package that contains all required files and documentation.


See FAQ list for more details.


Documentation and informational resources

Softgroup .Net Error Object has exhaustive documentation supplied with installation where every aspect of using the product is covered in details. See NetError.chm.

You can also download the documentation from our site.



If you have a question regarding Softgroup .Net Error Objects, take a look through list of Frequently Asked Questions or use support page to obtain information on how to contact Softgroup  .Net Data Objects support team.


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